Monday, August 10, 2015

Picture Book 10 for 10 Community - 2015

I love picture books so I look forward to particitpating and reading all the different posts from #pb10for10.  I will need to have my Amazon account open so that I can purchase some great books to share with my students.  I am excited to share with my fifth graders some books that will inspire our learning community to embrace who we are as individuals, teach us about perserverance, how to make a difference, and how to compromise when collaborating.  I don't have a particular theme but here are my 10 books that I want to share this year. 

 I love this book and I know the students will too.  The frog wants to be a cat, a pig, a rabbit or even an owl.  The frog wants to be anything but a frog because they are slimy and eat bugs.  Then the young frog meets a hungry wolf who eats just about everything but frogs.  He then realizes maybe being a frog isn't so bad after all.  The students will love the dialogue between the frog and his father.   I will read this book in the beginning of the year as we get to know the unique things about each other and how each of us will be an important part of our learning community.  

 I am a big fan of Mac Barnett and will be sharing many of his books with my students.  Extra Yarn is one of my favorite books because I love how a little girl whose kind heart and magical string change her community.  It is such a powerful and sweet message that will help the students understand that kindness matters and brings about positive changes within a community.  

I love going to the library and browsing the new arrivals displayed on shelves as you walk in.  Ben Franklin's Big Splash was one of those wonderful finds.  This is mostly a true story of Ben Franklin's first invention which would help him swim like a fish. His first attempt didn't quite work they way he had hoped but he didn't give up.  Ben reflected and made new observations that led to new changes.  This is a great book to read and talk about growth mindset.  Students will understand that making mistakes are a natural part of learning and the inquiry process. 

This story is about a little gardener whose garden is everything to him.  Despite his size he works and works in his garden but still his garden is dying.  He thinks he is too little to save his garden but a special flower gives him hope and pushes him to work harder.  This is a wonderful story to illustrate how determination can make a difference, so much so, that sometimes the impossible can happen.  
This is another great book to read and discuss growth mindset.  Rosie is a very quiet girl who is constantly tinkering and inventing things alone at night.  Rosie who fears failure hides all of her wonderful inventions under her bed but all that will change when her great-great-aunt Rose visits.  She shares with Rosie some of the things she had done and goals she had checked off her list.  But great-great-aunt Rose would love to fly and so Rosie decides to invent something for her great-great-aunt Rose.  Rosie gets upset when her first attempt flops but her great-great-aunt tells her it was a huge success and something to celebrate.  

 Nicola Davies is such a talented author and I adore her books.  This fabulous book sends a strong message about how people can change and make a difference in the world.  A street girl lives in a horrid city full of darkness, and so she too makes dark choices like stealing in order to survive. One day she steals a bag of acorns from an old lady who demands her to make a promise that will change her life.  The street girl promises to plant the acorns and as she does she begins her wonderful journey of changing her heart and the world.  Here is video I found on Youtube where Nicola Davies shares her thoughts about this beautifully written book.

I found this book on Twitter from Pernille Ripp's blog post.  When my Amazon box arrived and I started reading this book I immediately fell in love with it. Every Sunday CJ and his Nana take a bus to Market Street.  CJ is not thrilled about going this Sunday.  Luckily, Nana opens his eyes to all the beauty in their neighborhood.  CJ and his Nana's final destination is volunteering at the the soup kitchen.  I love the language in this book and the message of seeing the beauty in new things.   This book will be a great mentor text for writing workshop and a great book to use 
in reading workshop too. 

Peter Brown is an author that I really enjoy and so do the students.  The Curious Garden is a story about a little boy named Liam who stumbles upon a garden and he decides to take care of it.  Liam doesn't know anything about gardening but learns through trial and error along with reading gardening books.  The garden turns into a lovely, lush green garden.  His actions start to spread as other people start planting and transforming the city from dull and dreary to vibrant and beautiful.  I love the messages this book teaches, especially the power of paying it forward.  

I have grown to appreciate and adore wordless picture books so I had to include one in this post.  Marla Frazee is a talented author of many books which include Roller Coaster and Boot and Shoe. This is a story of  how a baby clown accidentally bounces off the circus train separating him from his family.  A farmer finds the clown on his land and takes him home.  The two discover new things about themselves and life.  This is a story that will truly touch your heart.

One of my all time favorite books is Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great by Bob Shea.  Ballet Cat is another great story by him.  Bob Shea is writing a series for Ballet Cat and the next book is coming out in February of 2016.  Ballet Cat and Sparkles the Pony are trying to decide on what to play.  Ballet cat wants to play ballet as usual because she loves to spin and twirl.  Sparkles the Pony is not happy and has a secret he thinks will upset Ballet Cat, but he doesn't realize that Ballet Cat also has a secret too. A totally secret secret. This is a great book to use to discuss the importance of compromising when working with a partner or small group.  It is also hilarious!


  1. These are great books. All important themes to discuss with your fifth graders. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You've got several titles which I love. I'll look up the one about Ben Franklin for the Doucette's collection. Thanks.
    Apples with Many Seeds

  3. You've got several titles which I love. I'll look up the one about Ben Franklin for the Doucette's collection. Thanks.
    Apples with Many Seeds