Thursday, December 12, 2013

Finding My Writing Voice

     I think that deep down inside me a writer was hiding, waiting to break out.  My silent voice is now ready to scream out ideas, poems, passions, reflections, and cherished memories.  I am no longer shushing my voice but embracing it. I am no longer afraid to take the risk of trying or playing around with new crafting techniques.  I am ready to live my life like a writer.  
     I know that one way to live like a writer is to carve out time to read and write everyday!  I have to make reading and writing a habit. Katie Wood Ray says, " A writing voice can be crafted by your reading life."  I am in the process of still finding my writing voice but the more I write and read the more it will develop.  The more I write the more confident I will become as a writer.  Every time I hit the publish button on my blog the butterflies start dancing in my stomach and the second guessing begins.  Was I descriptive enough?...How could I have been more concise?... Does my piece have voice?...Did I write about a topic that would interest others?
     Ruth Ayres says, "Writers depend on others to encourage them to keep writing and to nudge them to grow." As a new writer I crave and want feedback from other writers/colleagues and my family.  I didn't realize this until I became a part of the #nerdlution community.  I was receiving feedback and encouragement and it was very energizing! This energy helps me keep writing and pushing through even on the slow writing days.  I have actually published three posts last week, since #nerdlution, Yeah!  
      Every journey has a beginning.  I am looking forward to see where my journey leads me and the paths I will take to continue to grow as a writer.  Right now I love expressing myself through poetry and I found this poem in my writer's notebook.  I wanted to express and share my poetry voice.  I hope you enjoy it.


It begins
like a 
warm gentle
barely noticed.

Then the 
wind and trees
converse with 
each other 
in harmony.

This harmony
a gust 
of wind 
that strongly
whips around,
briefly changing
the appearances 
around you.

Tonya Buelow

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