Monday, December 23, 2013

In Loving Memory

     December 22, 2012 is a date that I will never forget.  This is the day my father-in-law, Dan Buelow, unexpectedly passed away.  He went in for a simple procedure.  A procedure that hundreds have done and walk out the next day; but this one procedure lead to a different outcome for him.   He went in the hospital and never walked out.  I keep playing that day over and over in my mind realizing that some details are clear and other parts are fuzzy.  I remember the doctor walking out to the waiting room, the hope filled in our hearts, while we waited for the doctor to speak. "He's not going to make it."  The words hit my heart as if they were rocks shattering it to pieces.  All hope vanished...gone just like that. It is hard to lose a loved one and to express the emotions that rumble through your body like a violent storm.  Even one year later it is hard to have reality sink in and face the truth. It is still hard to talk about what happened but I know that it is not okay to keep it bottled in. So I am sharing a poem to help ease some of the pain that lingers and lingers still to this day.


It is not goodbye,
It is not the end,
It is only a gap 
in time that 
slowly passes by
until we all
meet again.

the pain ebbs,
the sadness
slowly seeps out
to let in 
precious memories 
so happiness 
will shine through. 
The memories 
keeping Dan
strong in our hearts.

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